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Foreclosure Law Attorney

Core Competency Foreclosure Defense Law

Gershon S. Kulek, Attorney at Law is among the few attorneys in Chicago that concentrate in Foreclosure Defense Law. He has been defending foreclosures in Chicago since the beginning of the current financial crisis.

Legal Defenses to Foreclosure

This attorney has always stated that there are strong legal defenses to foreclosure. This attorney utilizes different legal defenses to help a wide variety of Chicago homeowners that are in foreclosure.

Some of these legal defenses to foreclosure include questioning whether the entity even owns the loan and has a right to bring the foreclosure in the first place. The defense of ownership becomes particularly important because the entity that brings the foreclosure is often a different entity than who the borrower obtained the loan from.

Shocking Discoveries of Lender Misconduct

This Chicagoland attorney has made shocking discoveries utilizing the defense of questioning who owns the loan. The attorney has seen many cases where the entity either didn’t own the loan when they filed for foreclosure, claimed to have lost the original promissory note, as well as even producing documents that they demonstrated that they in fact did not own the loan when the foreclosure began.

Each Case Has it’s Own Unique Requirements & Goals

The strategy of foreclosure defense is also based on the wants, needs and individual case of the particular Chicago homeowner. Sometimes, the homeowners wants to make sure that the entity that filed the foreclosure owns the loan and in doing so, protect their legal rights and gain more time until for their economic situation changes.

Other times the homeowner has been a victim of predatory lending and needs a lawsuit filed on their behalf. Likewise, there are homeowners who need us to defend them in court to buy time, which can be valuable for them for a number of reasons, such as having more time to live in their home. Furthermore, with additional time, the economic situation may change which will enable a deal to be worked out with the mortgage company.

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